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Tracking Dogs

Find missing persons or objects by following scents over various terrains.

Unleashing the Power of Tracking Dogs: Precision in Search and Rescue

The Incredible Sense of Smell in Tracking Dogs

A Dog's Nose Knows: Unlocking the Mysteries of Canine Super-Smell" 


Dogs possess a sense of smell that is 100,000 times more acute than humans. Explore the fascinating world of canine super-smell and understand why their noses make them ideal for tracking.


Harnessing Nature's Gift: Why a Dog's Sense of Smell Makes Them Ideal for Tracking" 


Delve into the science behind how dogs' extraordinary sense of smell is harnessed for tracking purposes. Discover the natural gifts that set them apart in the world of search and rescue.




Tracking for a Noble Cause


"Search and Rescue Heroes: How Tracking Dogs Aid in Emergency Situations" 


Learn how tracking dogs become unsung heroes in emergency search-and-rescue missions. Their unique abilities play a crucial role in locating and saving lives in challenging situations.



The Art of Tracking: Training and Trials 


"From Nosey to Expert: How Dogs Learn the Art of Tracking" 


Uncover the training process that transforms dogs from being naturally nosey to expert trackers. Learn about the techniques and steps involved in honing their natural tracking instincts.


Tracking Trials and Titles: Celebrating the Achievements of Canine Trackers" 


Dive into the competitive side of tracking, where dogs and handlers celebrate achievements through trials and titles. Witness the dedication and skill required for a dog to earn its tracking title.


The Winter Challenge


"Navigating Challenges: Tracking Dogs in Winter for Safety and Success" 


Explore the unique challenges of tracking in winter, considering safety concerns and the impact of topography. Learn how handlers and dogs adapt to ensure successful tracking in adverse conditions.


"Tracking: Where Dogs and Handlers Learn the Art of Tracking"


Discover the role of tracking, where dogs and handlers come together to learn and master the art of tracking in a supportive community. 

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