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About Growl Ops

Welcome to Growl Ops – Your Ultimate Canine Security Solution. At Growl Ops, we harness the power of highly trained canine teams to provide unmatched security solutions across diverse industries. Our commitment to excellence and our canine partners' unique capabilities make us the go-to choice for businesses seeking top-tier security.

Growl Ops is a leading provider of canine security solutions, driven by a passion for safeguarding what matters most to our clients. With a rich history rooted in the effectiveness of trained canines, we bring a unique blend of tradition and innovation to the modern security landscape.

At Growl Ops, our commitment to safeguarding what matters most to our clients is not just a business mission—it's a passion that drives everything we do.


As a leading provider of canine security solutions, we've established a legacy of trust by consistently delivering unparalleled services that exceed expectations.

Why do we stand out?

Our USP lies in the formidable partnership between skilled dog handlers and our loyal canine companions. We offer more than just security; we provide peace of mind. Our proactive approach, rooted in historical effectiveness and modern practices, sets us apart.

Deterrence: The mere presence of our trained canines is often enough to deter intruders, providing a strong first line of defense.

Powerful Detection: Leverage the enhanced sensory capabilities of our dogs for early detection of potential threats.

Collaboration with Modern Security Practices: Our services seamlessly integrate with modern security practices, including CCTV and alarm systems.

Dilip Kumar Sahu

(NSG Commando, Special Force Dog Trainer, Special Assault Dog Trainer)  

Having joined the Army and specifically trained as a military assault dog trainer and special force dog trainer.  Dilip honed his skills through various roles like protection, patrolling, and rescue training. He rose to the rank of Havaldar/soldier and trained over 500 dogs at the Army center.  


Dilip's path in dog training began when he enlisted in the Army. He actively dedicated himself to the field. He served as a Special Para Force (SPF) and NSG Commando and gaining experience in diverse areas like protection, patrolling, and rescue. By the time he retired as a Havaldar/soldier, he had trained over 500 dogs, leaving his mark on the Army's canine unit.  


A dedicated soldier and skilled trainer, Dilip embodies the spirit of service and excellence. He has navigated various aspects of dog training, contributing significantly to the unit's capabilities. His journey from trainee to trainer showcases his adaptability, resilience, and commitment to his craft.   

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Adinath Dhanwate

OMM_5640 k.jpg

(NSG Commando, Special Force Dog Trainer, Special Assault Dog Trainer)

A seasoned military assault dog trainer and special force dog trainer with extensive experience (12.5 years in Kashmir). Adinath's expertise spans ground training, personal techniques, and even training 400+ trainers. He also served at prestigious locations like Rashtrapati Bhavan and Parliament. His claim to fame: training the first assault dog for Indian Army. 


Lance Naik Adinath started his journey in 2002 and spent nearly two decades in the Army. He served as a Special Para Force(SPF) and NSG Cammando. From humble beginnings, he climbed the ranks, worked in sensitive areas like Kashmir, and even had the honor of serving at national landmarks. This veteran boasts countless achievements, including traning the first assault dog for the Indian Army.  


A pioneer and trailblazer, Adinath's dedication to dog training goes beyond the ordinary. He has pushed boundaries, developed innovative techniques, and even shaped the future of the field. His extensive experience and impressive achievements speak volumes about his passion and commitment.  



Our premium canine security services are designed to meet the specific security challenges of various industries and sectors, such as:

Industrial Security:

Providing comprehensive security solutions for industrial sites and facilities.

Temple Security:

Creating a safe and sacred environment for temples and religious places.

VIP Home Security:

Safeguarding the homes and residences of VIPs and dignitaries.

Farmhouse Security:

Protecting rural properties and farmhouses from trespassers and thieves.

Airport and Ship Security:

Strengthening security measures for airports and seaports, preventing terrorism and smuggling.

Metro Train Security:

Enhancing security measures for metro train networks and stations.

Celebrity Personal Security:

Ensuring the safety and privacy of celebrities and VIPs.

Hotel and Resort Security:

Elevating security standards for hotels and resorts, ensuring the safety and comfort of guests and staff.

Security Agency Tie Ups:

Collaborating with security agencies to augment their capabilities and resources.

Big Jewellery Shops:

Providing an extra layer of security for jewelry shops and establishments, protecting high-value merchandise and customers.

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