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Explosive Detection Dogs

Detect bombs and enhance security in critical locations.

In the era marked by evolving security challenges, the demand for extensive safety has increased significantly. One solution that we can look at and rely on is deployment of explosive detection dogs. At commando kennels we take great pride in introducing our highly trained and disciplined canines who take the forefront in protection of may it be public places, high profile events or transportation hubs.


Our heroes have been under extensive trainings and are fully equipped to handle and yet deliver high performance in such areas under pressure. Our highly trained canines take a central role in enhancing security protocol, offering unparalleled combination of olfactory sensitivity, intelligence and agility. Let us dig in a little bit further in exploring what these canines have to offer after years of research backed training and nurturing.

The unique and heightened sense of smell of canines :

As we all know canines have a heightened sense of smell, much more superior than humans. The olfactory receptors in a dogs nose is estimated to be 10,000 to 100,000 times more reactive than ours. This extraordinary capability makes them a very powerful asset in high tension areas. They also sniff out very minor smell of explosives which can be very easily be eluded by latest technology even. Explosive Detection dogs are highly trained to identify such smells related to explosive materials, making them a crucial resource in fighting terrorism and security threats. 

In-depth Training Protocol:

The training provided by Commando kennels plays a very crucial role in shaping these animals into highly skilled Explosive detection dogs. The training program is very detailed and has various stages that ensures that these canines are reliable and highly trained. The key elements of their training include:  

Basic obedience training

This is a very crucial step in taming any high professional canine, this also helps them to lay the ground for more specialized tasks. This includes basic commands such as sit, come, stay, fetch , etc. providing the handler with great control over the dog in various situations.  

Scent Recognition Training

This is an extremely important step in the development of a high performance Explosive Detection Dogs, this is the first step in exposing the canines to the smell of explosives & with robust trainings they become an unbeatable asset for the purpose.  

Search trainings

These canines are exposed to various environments such as public places, apartments, vehicles and crowded spaces. With their extraordinary sense of smell they become experts in finding any explosives in high tension areas. 

Alert behaviour

Our canines are trained in such a fashion that they give an “alert behaviour” to the faintest smell of explosives, this helps their handler to understand the canine better.  

Distraction Training

 Explosive detection dogs are given various distraction stimuli during their trainings such as crowds, noises and other stimuli which they might encounter during their search.

With security concerns on surge, highly trained explosive detection dogs are the greatest assets. At commando kennels we ensure about the professional trainings of these canines keeping in mind their wellbeing. Commando kennels start at the forefront of providing you with these assets with four legs which not only match but exceed the industrial standards. Our relentless efforts, expert trainings, innovative methodologies make us an amazing choice for clients seeking EDD.

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